20 October 2006

Are You Heartless?

Tell me, after watching this, if you didn't FEEL like crying (a little happy a little sad). I've seen this before on TV and felt the pang a little then too but this time, I really almost shed some tears. I'm a wus - I know. Not knowing what it is yet, you might be a little worried about my mental state. I worry too ;o)


b. said...

I might cry because I can't make it work....what is it? Make me feel your pang?

b. said...

That cowboy is just adorable....and skidboot is amazing. I remember seeing them on oprah. I have a blue heeler dog named "Blue" (I know, that's original!)who we love but maybe I should send her to Texas and see if that ol' boy could train her to make us a little spending money!

cazmom said...

Love this story. Its weird that he's been around for 10 years and I'd never heard of him. Sweet puppy and cowboy.