30 September 2006

Lucy & Rick Engagements

Met with an upcoming bride & groom at CJane's pad (which is WAY cool, if you were wondering; and now that I know where she lives I will be there EVERYDAY - okay, maybe not EVERY day, but I WANT to be there everyday). Since I was asked to take pictures on their wedding day (no engagements or bridals), I pulled out my camera and snapped a few shots to get a feel for how they photograph. Darned cute, I'd say! The last picture is of CJane HAND BAKING delicious, and beautifully designed, tarts (that might not have been their technical name). What an honor I had to partake of such lovelyness. AND... I'm looking forward to photographing the wedding! Oh, and the Yakisoba noodles were delish.


erin kate said...

very cute couple...
and those tart thingies look yummo.

This is me said...

The bride looks exactly like a sister missionary here in my ward. It is almost freaky how much they look alike. Very cute girls and great pictures, too.

Melody said...
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Melody said...

One day, sooner or later, I will find a good man and I will need a wedding photographer. My son refuses to do it for any more family weddings. (He took the photo of my daughter that is on my latest post) Anyway, I'll pay whatever you want...buy you more leathers... you name it.

Darling couple. I love your work.

Geo said...

You're all so gosh darn pretty, on both sides of the lens.

AzĂșcar said...

Those yakisoba are to die for!

Love the pics.

c jane said...

Dear S,
They are called tartes. Exactamundo!
Lucy and Ric are handsome.
And you are a as a wild Harley ride out into the desert.
Keep up the good work!
Paris Lazy-Eye