10 August 2006

Jeff FINALLY Got Hitched

Today has been a long time comin' (is that the expression?). One of my missionaries (I had 4) finally got married. Out of the 4 I was for SURE this one would be married within 6 months of returning home. Well, about 8 years later he's found his everlasting Gobbstopper. Wait. That's not what I meant but it just fell onto the keyboard. This gal is just absolutely darling - they're both lucky to have each other. I am thrilled that I was able to attend their wedding ceremony (a sealing, for those of you who know the lingo) just as he did mine 8+ years ago and couldn't help but bring my camera to catch some moments (luckily their hired photographer was super-dooper-way-cool and didn't mind me tagging along). Here are a few of my favorites from today.
Caught this little one playing on the temple steps.

This should be at the end of their album.

These are the moments I am thrilled to catch.

I heart this broach/sash combo.

This wasn't planned - I heart capturing these moments.


carblemarble said...

Love the pictures! It's always good to meet a nice professional who will let you tag along.

:: STEVE :: said...

You should check out the temple snow globe I got!

CazMom said...

It seems like everything in Utah is bright and colorful from your pictures. You really catch the best!

Julie said...

Damn, you are good.

~j. said...

I heart the sash, too. And the girl sitting in the temple stone.