12 May 2006

Help Me With A Name

Hubby has been urging me to come up with a company name I can use for my extra-curricular-income hobbies ("tax shelter"). We talked about it briefly yesterday and today he's wondering why I haven't figured one out yet. Well, maybe that's because I've been busy running a house ;o) Coming up with the name of a company is big stuff! After going through the obvious choices (Hocus Focus, Shannon Photography) and finding out that they're already taken, I've researched other domain names and found the following to be available and would like you to vote for your favorite(s). Any other suggestions that are available (check www.dotster.com for the best results) are welcome too! They're in alpha order as to not sway you either way... Atelier Rosso (red studio; made-up combo of French & Italian) Barn Red Images Filter Kilter I'm Sew Photo (play off my email) Maggie Rosso (alter-ego created from the Italian words for cheese, formaggio, and red, rosso) Red Barn Impressions Shaniquah Shannon Hodson Shannon Hodson Photography Sneaky Peaky If I pick a name that isn't specific to photography then I can use it for whatever venture I move onto next. I'm pretty sure that I'll be sticking to photography, at least, but this Jill-of-all-trades likes to mix things up a bit and conquer new things. Like my latest irritation... finding a wallet that can hold all my store cards and still close. I'm drawing up plans to sew my own.


compulsive writer said...

Sorry. I was thinking.

If you want to go photo I like Filter Kilter. Or--if it hasn't been taken--Perspectives.

If you want to be more versatile I like Shaniquah or "Sugar-Plum Tree."

Good luck!

Geo said...

I have no serious suggestions, but I will tell you three of my "pet" names for things that haven't happened yet:

The Inflatable Pagans--my band
Quasi-Moda--my vintage clothing store
Little Wet Hen--my publishing house

~j. said...

I like Shaniquah because it reminds me of when I asked for suggestions for a name.

I like Filter Kilter...except that it's similar to Helter Skelter.

I'm Sew Photo is clever...and gets people to ask why and then you send them to your blog.

I vote Sneaky Peaky.

La Yen said...

I like Sneaky Peaky, and here are my suggestions.


I likes you even if you choose a name I don't likes.

LuckyRedHen said...

Thanks for the suggestions (I need more, send your friends over)!

I've parred down the list a little and added 2 more options:

Atelier Rosso


Maggie Rosso

Tell me what you think of those 2.

La Yen said...

I think that they are very fwa-fwa Provo lady with french tip nails and big hair at Nordstroms being her daughter's best friend and buying her skanky shirts. Perfect!

Melody said...

Sorry to mix it up, but I go with Red Barn Impressions because as William Carlos Williams might well have said if you had asked him:

so much depends

a red barn

glazed with rain

beside the white

If I have to choose from the two, I like Maggie Rosso

Melody said...

P.S. In fairness to Mr. Williams, it was actually a red wheel barrow, so you could try Red Wheel Barrow Photography. . . I know that's way off the path you are beating, but I couldn't resist putting my two-cents-worth in. Good luck. What fun you're going to have. Nice work - your photos are beautiful.

~j. said...

What about Lip Service?

La Yen said...

OhhOhh--how about ShanMart or Shan 4 Less or ShanBay?

c jane said...

Good thing Melody corrected herself with the William's poem because I was going to have to add my two cents for sure!

Was I supposed to vote on something? Or something?

How did I get here?

~j. said...

cjane also votes Lip Service.

LuckyRedHen said...

Melody... WELCOME and thanks for the lovely poem. I like the Red Barn version better. Great suggestion.

As for Lip Service... it's already taken (surprise).

Shan4Less is too porny.

I think I've come up with a name that you will all love. I'm having a logo company put my ideas to paper and will return & report the results at a later blog.

Geo - Check back often, my muse.

Geo said...

i didn't want to mention before but since yo've brought it up, Sneaky Peaky sounds a little iffy too. Sorry, ~j.

I actually vote for Red Barn too, though it sounds like you've already decided on something . . . say, Little Red Hen?

I'm happy to a-muse you, always. : )

Geo said...

By iffy I meant porny. Still half-asleep, that's me.

LuckyRedHen said...

geo... you are WAY close. WAY. One word off but that word starts with the same letter.

a-muse, good one. WAY.

LowLa said...

And what is the significance of the Red Barn? Did you build one in your backyard and not tell me? It sounds a little crafty/country but that's ok. It also reminds me of the Grey Barn off Sahalee which could come in handy when you finally come home :)

But my favorite was I'm Sew Photo. Although it's photography specific, I like it cause it's personal and memorable.

LuckyRedHen said...

lowla - Red barn is out, so don't fret. I'm Sew Photo is a favorite for people who already know me but would be confusing for new clientel. Thank you for voting (because we saw what happened to Chris Daughtry).

Geo said...

Little Red HAM . . . no, that wouldn't get photo customers.
Little RedHEAD . . . no, you're blonde.
Little Red HAND . . . no, that's scary.
Little Red HIP . . . no, too medical.
Little Red HECK . . . no, but I like that one.
Little Red HAIL . . . no, too apocalyptic.
Little Red HOUSE . . . ???

LuckyRedHen said...

Yes, geo, it's Little Red Heck.

You win ;o)

(just kidding, of course)

THEY say the next "first" draft is coming tomorrow morning. The ACTUAL "first" draft sucked so bad I got them to start from scratch with a new team (3 artists) and manager.

I actually sent them a mock-up design of what I imagine (it was pretty darned good, if I do say SEW myself) so if they screw up this time I'll definitely demand my $ back and do it myself.

If I only knew then what I know now (that I could make my own logo)...