19 April 2006

LOOKS AREN'T EVERYTHING (but they help)!

After reading about Queen Scarlett's darling Kalea, I just had to supply a story of my own.

This is my cute boy and cute girl. Today my story is about the cute girl.

A little background about my daughter... I have NEVER wanted to have a daughter, mainly because my mother cursed me that if I ever were to have a girl, "She will be just like you so you will know what you put your poor mother through!" Gee, thanks for the guilt mom. Nice.

Well, the curse has come to fruition. This little spitfire is so full of spunk I don't think I really have ever come close (or have I?). Since I've put my distaste for me having daughters out in the universe, I shall also emphasis that my love for this little girl is more than I could ever imagined (I thought I could never love another child after my first, as a lot of mom's think). Now I understand what my mom meant by, "I love you both more than anything but differently." It's hard to explain, the scale of love.

Back to the fun stuff. The other day daddy was bringing the kids into the house from the car when P dashed over to the garage freezer and pulled out the icecream. Daddy told her that she had to eat lunch first then maybe she could have some. The little spitfire arched her back (she's almost 3), hurled the icecream to the floor while screaming at the top of her lungs then belted out, "I... hate... CHRISTMAS!!!" Where that came from I don't know but daddy mentioned that she'd been calling the recent colored eggs 'Christmas' eggs instead of 'Easter' eggs. Needless to say she didn't get icecream after lunch.

Then J and I were mimicking each other in the kitchen (silly sayings, noises, mooing, etc.) while I was making lunch (what is is about lunchtime and this girl?) when P barked at us to stop it because she was annoyed (that we were having fun and she wasn't?). "P, we are playing nicely and if you don't like it then go somewhere else until lunch is ready." Her scowl festered, she pursed her lips and shouted (as she pounded with both fists on the counter), "I... hate... CHRISTMAS!!!

Apparently all this fiesty behavior is supposed to pay off in the end (when is that, exactly)???


~j. said...

The end is at Christmas.

AzĂșcar said...

When she gets married.

Good luck.

compulsive writer said...

Cute kids!!!

My mother gave me the same curse and I have vowed never to say that to my children because there are days I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, let alone my own child. I'm proud to say I have kept that promise. So far. But the one child who has caused me to bite my tongue the hardest is my daughter. I don't think the holes will ever grow back and she's only 10. Can I make it?

Bek said...


That is awesome...I hate Christmas. I don't know if those words have ever been uttered by a Christian child under the age of 5. :-)

Beautiful children. That white hair......


Queen Scarlett said...

Time to celebrate Festivus for the rest of us... Cute pics!

wendysue said...

I'd LOVE to take her to the mall to see Santa and get her all riled up to say "I HATE CHRISTMAS!!" right in front of all the kiddos. Maybe she can keep working on it until then??

Classic story! Love it.

LowLa said...

I was just telling my friend Brian about P and her antics, and he said at least if someone ever tried to kidnap her, they would probably only last 3 minutes before realizing this kid was a nightmare and bring her back :) See, it's just a defense mechanism.