03 April 2006

Grey's Anatomy - Dr. Callie Torres

I LOVE DR. CALLIE TORRES If someone made this saying on a t-shirt I definitely would wear it (as long as it's a v-neck). Did you SEE her last night? "He makes my world stop." "You just shut up about him!" I rewound that a couple times during the next commercial break (to the annoyance of my hubby) and kept repeating, "You just shut up about him!" Then I grunted. That kind of grunt that a man does about tools. Although I grunt for tools too. I'm that kind of gal. Since the start of the show (when it was stupid and I kept praying they'd get better writers because I could see the potential in the cast; I don't know what happened but it was like night & day when they fixed it), I've loved George but now I almost, dare I say, LUST for George. He is darling and sweet and kind and strong and all that Callie said last night. I teared up (I would've outright bawled but my hubby was there and he makes fun of me for crying at TV shows) when George intercepted Meredith's dad. I wasn't expecting him to say what he did but am glad because it's about time he gets out of his funk. That doesn't mean I agree with what Meredith did to George, but there is a time to get-over-it. Alex rubs us all backwards but I admire his honesty when he's not just being an A. There's a lot of Alex in me - with my honesty and bluntness (those of you who know me personally can attest, and I'm sure you will). I liked how he stood up to Dr. Burke because he was right. Nobody can tell you HOW/WHAT to say. There is something to be said about appropriate bedside manner but in this case I was impressed. Dr. Yang cracks me up with her competitiveness. Again, a lot like me because I like winning. Competition gets my juices flowing and I almost get in another world. It all started at Circus Circus in Las Vegas back when I was young. My folks could plop me down on that twisty stool and I could sit there all day shooting the water into the clowns mouth to win the prize. In band I was a top seller. Brownies, the same. When my dad took me shooting for the first time my first bullet hit the target and I knocked over the turkey (metal, don't worry PETA). The show does a great job of putting us RIGHT THERE. I could almost smell Izzy when Denny inhaled the sweater.


Bek said...

I am willing to state on the record that Grey's Anatomy is the one thing that keeps me from being depressed on Sunday nights (when I have the blahs).

I LOVED when she said that he stops her world and Izzy said "she's his McDreamy". So cute.

Am I the only one that thought the whole double episode w/ the bomb was a little to overly dramatic? I wasn't impressed.

Did you watch Project Runway? I just caught the last few episodes of the cooking one....lots of potential...

LuckyRedHen said...

Wow, you're fast! I so look forward to Sunday nights and my hubby makes sure I don't have to deal with the kids so I don't miss my show. I know it's TiVo'd but I want to watch it asap.

The bomb episode took SOO long. I liked watching McDreamy on that one though - when he found out it was Meredith in there and then he asked where SHE was and Bailey thought he meant Addison.

After 10 years of watching Friends, I vowed I wouldn't start another show that I'd leave Enrichment early for (yes, I actually got up in the middle and walked out to catch it; back in the day before TiVo). I'd probably like watching Desp HW's but I told myself I wouldn't start. With Grey's, it's based in Seattle and that's where we're from so I couldn't help it. I like Patrick Dempsey too (even before he "came" back).

There are only 3 shows I'm religious about:

Oprah (I don't watch every one but it's at least recorded if I do)

Grey's Anatomy (and I've saved them since we got the TiVo)

American Idol (this is my first season and Ace got me coming back but now his blank gaze at the end of his songs with his hand outstretched is getting on my nerves; my guy fav's are Chris and Taylor and the girls are McPhee and Mandesa - Paris is way good but her "thaynk ya" squeak puts me over the edge)

If I'm sick or being lazy, I'll watch Ellen, HGTV, TLC, Dog: Bounty Hunter, any tattoo show, the Food Network, the Today Show and I watch Spongebob Squarepants with the kids (hubby likes it too).

AzĂșcar said...

I love this show! During the hair cutting scene at the end they were playing a song and I had to go online to find the artist (Joshua Radin.) Torres is a great character and she's SO RIGHT about George.

J actually watched the bomb episode with me and he liked it a great deal, so, for what it's worth, if it get's him hooked, I don't care how long it goes.

While I like a lot of TV, I love Thief.

Bek said...

I haven't seen Thief.

I love Dog the Bounty Hunter. It is so cute.

LuckyRedHen said...

What's with 2 weeks in-a-row of reruns? Dangit!